go some questions Hopefully these will answer it for you. 
Will you guys animate my own character design?
yes. but We will have to do a design adjustment  to make it easy  to animate for our team. Just so we can complete your project in a reasonable amount of time. 
Who is clowd studio built for?
We target the business owner Who wants a compelling dynamic add for there company, weather that be product promotion or for event awareness. We target the go getter that want to see there ideas brough to life.
Will you guys Character design for me?
We Sure will. We will design a character to your liking.
Would you guys animate my show??
Although we would love to animate your unique concept show, Sadly we don't have the man power to take on anything that ambitious. 
How can communicate what I want?
Any way you like weather it be through email or video call we will make sure your message is received and what you want is clear to us.
Will you guys do concept art and website asset art, And not the animation part?
We sure do!! we would love to here about all your art concerns.
How much would something like this cost, a 2d animation that is. 
All Projects are different thus making the price change per customer but for the questions sake. 
A 2d animation for lets say 15 secs with multiple cuts, angles, background, and 2 characters would approximately run 500$ on the base level if the project is more in the middle of project difficulty. If the project has a very simple character design and background sheet this price my come down at the base level vise versa higher for a more advanced project. we Would recommend you contact us on our contact page to come up with the right plan for you.  
will you Animate anything?
No, We love animating but if we feel a project isn't fitting for our Company's brand, Like adult content, We will not animate it. Besides this we review all project proposals with out team to make sure everyone is up for the job.

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